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Sessions InPlay
Past Commissions 

SIGNAL - Movement In Play
Online Workshops

Throughout 2021 and early 2022 Inplay was commissioned by SIGNAL Youth Arts to provide an accessible movement focussed online workshop that involves a mixture of free movement, learning choreographic methods and mark making.

Event Description;

Cultivate a sense of playfulness and creativity with InPlay Dance Collective ( Developed throughout 2020, this workshop combines playful movement exploration, somatic work & mindfulness, finishing with the opportunity to get your hands dirty with your favourite drawing medium.


We will begin internally warming up the body through some yoga asana and mindfulness, then transition to exploring creativity and playfulness through movement and dance. Finally, you will translate what you’ve discovered on to paper through mark making.

SIGNAL Instagram TV Video Series 

In December 2020, InPlay was invited to make a series of 4 IGTV video's for SIGNAL's Instagram based around the Play Sessions. Jareen, Jasmine, Lachlan and Alec all presented short, 5 minute guided 'plays' that anyone can do from the comfort of their own home

Tempo Dance Festival Workshops

In November 2020, InPlay was invited to present a series of 1hr Zoom Play Sessions. "Sessions InPlay" was a weekly series of workshop livestreamed in Australia and NZ for 4 weeks. Jareen, Lachlan, Jasmine and Alec all led their own sessions.

Gallery of drawing creations

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