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MODALS OF LOST OPPORTUNITYlive performance with live-cinema, 50-minutes, Presented at the Industrial School at Abbortsford Convent for Melbourne Fringe 2023

Choreographer & Camera Operator
Alec Katsourakis

Performed by
Luke Romero, Jasmine Susic, Nadiyah Akbar,
Max Burgess &
Chase Clegg-Robinson

Stage Manger                                                           Technical Operator
Samanthan McCracken
                                           Shelley O'Meara


MODALS OF LOST OPPORTUNITY is a groundbreaking Dance-Theatre and Live-Cinema hybrid performance that premiered at Melbourne Fringe in 2023. The work explores the theme of 'lost opportunity' through the lived
experiences of its diverse, mainly queer cast. Through poetry, prose, movement and dance, the performers fully inhabit the performance space while a dedicated camera operator captures their expressions and movements, framing the performance through the lens.

The unique live-cinema aspect allows for site-responsive engagement, utilizing the entire performance space. The camera operator's close-ups offer alternate views on multiple TV screens, providing accessibility for those with impaired vision and offering a distinctive mode of viewing.

Presented by Abbotsford Convent Fringe Program which was supported by Creative Victoria.



MODALS OF LOST OPPORTUNITY had a work in progress showing apart of Out Of Bounds in August 2023. 

Out Of Bounds is Presented by Lucy Guerin Inc and Temperance Hall.

Choreographed and Filmed by
Alec Katsourakis

Performed by
Luke Romero


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