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PLACE-EBOlive work, 20-minutes, Presented for the Dancehouse Intertia Program

PLACE-EBO was developed through the DanceHouse Emerging Choreographers Program 2021. 

Performed in December 2021 for the DanceHouse 'Inertia' Season; more info...

'Drawn from lived experience, PLACE:EBO is a textual and physical interrogation into the significance ‘place’ can have in life, memory community.'

PLACE-EBO was then re-developed into a film.


PLACE:EBO was then re-developed into a 20 minute short Dance-Film.

Directed, edited and filmed by Alec Katsourakis
Featuring Jasmine Susic, Stephanie Halyburton and Jareen Wee

PLACE:EBO is a documentary style Dance-Film that investigates the lived-experience of its featured dancers; Jasmine, Stephanie and Jareen.
Blending podcast style interviews with delicately filmed improvisation, this film puts the viewer in the shoes of the featured dancers and their
 relationship to place.


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