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Choreographed by Alec Katsourakis

Program Notes


'This dance isn't true, but it isn't false either. Any similarity between this dance and reality is purely coincidental. I started by asking questions, like, how do we relinquish control and let go, without giving up? How much of our actions are truly within our control? 

This dance is a result of those questions , a result of the collaboration of the group, this dance is not an answer. This dance is not the answer. It's only a stupid dance.

The text was written by Loughlin Foley and Ryu Konrad

The dance was written by Braedyn Togi, Jasmine Susic, Tessa Redman, Bjorn Aslund, Vee Canning and Alec Katsourakis.

The sound was written by Current Bias (Jackie Jenkins) 

Relinquish control to the salsa of immanent impermanence. '

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