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PLAY AS YOU GO 20-minute film, concieved filmed and produced in the middle of 2020 Melbourne lockdowns 

PLAY AS YOU GO was officially selected for the DanceLens Film Festival at DanceHouse in October 2021

Program Notes

This film centres around re-framing disused and forgotten areas as places for creative play through movement.
With the use of poetic prose and skilled contemporary dance, 'Play As You Go' offers a space for audience members to reflect upon the trans-formative power of play.
This film is open to anyone that believes that play is a muscle that can be flexed in order to bring more vibrancy to life in lock-down.

Directed by Alec Katsourakis

Sound Design by Jackie Rowan Jenkins

Choreographed and Performed by Jasmine Susic & Lachlan Broughton

Cinematography by Jacob C Edmonds

Written by Ryu Conrad & Loughlin Foley (ed. Leo Mares)

Special thanks to: Jareen Wee, SUK workwear, KK fabrics

This project is amplified by City of Melbourne and Melbourne Fringe as part of SIGNAL Digital

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